About Me


Alison Baraf


I first began making jewelry after a trip to visit my younger sister in Manhattan.  I borrowed a fabulous fancy jasper necklace from her and decided I needed to figure out how to make one for myself.  So, as soon as I returned to Maryland, I went to a bead shop and bought all the supplies I needed.  The next basic stringing class was not for three weeks, and I simply couldn’t wait, so I started on my own.  Going into that bead shop was like opening Pandora’s jewelry box.  I now owned all of the tools, took that first class, and just couldn’t stop myself from buying more and more beautiful beads.  With every successive trip to the bead shop, the wheels in my mind kept turning with more and more ideas, and suddenly I had an entire cabinet full of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings ready to wear! 

I put a great deal of care and thought into every piece of jewelry I make.  I use specially selected semi-precious stones and materials, and I always design jewelry of a look and quality that I would wear myself.  My goal is not to make “cookie-cutter” designs, but to make each piece something current and trendy, yet classic, but most importantly, something special.  I also try to create designs that fit all occasions.  Most of my pieces look great with a plain white tank top and jeans, but also with something a little dressier.


The truth is, whenever I sell a piece of jewelry, I’m always a little sad to see it go.  I figure that for my customers to love my jewelry, I need to love it myself first.  I once heard Joanna Coles, Editor-in-chief at Cosmopolitan, say that “fashion is transformative”.  It informs not only the way people see you, but how you see yourself, as well.  My jewelry makes me feel attractive and chic when I’m wearing it, and I hope it will make you feel the same way, too!


Finally, please keep in mind that I also do custom work.  Many things you see on my website can be done in other colors and can be done in either silver or gold.  If you see something in a magazine or just have an idea in your head, give me a ring or send me an email.  It would be my pleasure to help you create the perfect piece.


Let me help you add a little sparkle to your day!